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Specialties of the Month for July 2003
Name of Ingredients Mr. Yamada's best "Mask Melon"
Comments from the Chef The season of the Mask Melon is about to begin. This is the best mask melon in Japan and contains a high sugar content (20-degrees). When eating, you may feel a tingling sensation on your tongue due to the sweetness of the melon. The season is short so please visit our restaurant while we offer these special melons.
Name of Ingredients Corn
Comments from the Chef The type of corn is from Campbell seeds and has a great taste once cooked. "My favorite corn is the uncooked type called 'Mirai'" although it is not yet available in the market. However, there is not doubt that now is the best season for corn, which everyone likes. I will let you know when "Mirai" corn is in harvest.
Name of Ingredients Miyako pumpkin, Yukibijin pumpkin, Morocco string beans, String beans, Purple string beans, Cucumber, Green pepper, Green soybeans, Eggplant, Manzenji pepper, Tomato, Black tomato, Hiiragi tomato (Yellow tomato)
Comments from the Chef Black tomato and Hiiragi Tomato (yellow tomato) are both rare vegetables. Hiiragi Tomato was originally grown in a region of Kyoto named "Hiiragi", hence the name Hiiragi Tomatoes. For some reason, the majority of people thought that tomatoes should be red. Because of this image, the number of producers who grew these tomatoes decreased sharply and it has because a phantom tomato. However, this tomato is very tasty because of the consistency (not too watery) and thickness.
Name of Ingredients


Comments from the Chef This abalone comes from Sajima's fish port and is best in the summer season. It is a bit expensive, but worth it to enjoy the taste of the summer seafood.
Name of Ingredients Watermelon, Prince melon
Comments from the Chef There are many varieties of watermelons produced in Miura Peninsula. Among them, the rugby ball shaped watermelons, which I use for cooking, There is less chance there are air holes in this watermelon and it is very tasty. I also use the Prince watermelon, which has a surprisingly good taste.